The metallurgical giant of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine widely celebrates the glorious anniversary-the 70th anniversary of its Foundation. In this regard, among the students of Almalyk branch of TSTU named after Islam Karimov and Almalyk branch of nttu “MISIS” held an innovative scientific and inventive competition on “Modern miner” and “Modern Metallurgist”, which presents innovative projects in metallurgy. Young people, filled with enthusiasm, presented new approaches in the mining industry of the Republic. Student Almalyk branch of TSTU Halimova Aisha presented research on “Extraction of copper and Nickel from the mother liquor formed in the production of copper sulfate” and in the nomination “Modern Metallurgist” took 3rd place. Scientific and inventive work of Munosibov Shokhzhakhon on the topic “extraction of indium from formed solutions in the production of zinc” by members of the highly qualified Committee was awarded the 2nd place in the direction of “Modern Metallurgist”. The presentation of the project of student Eshmukhammedov Sodikjon “Modern methods of processing of technogenic waste in mining and metallurgical production” interested the participants in an extraordinary solution to the problem. Young people, deeply studying the basics of science, thinking outside the box and looking for solutions to the problem, our future.

Mukaddas Ergasheva,

Press Secretary of Almalyk branch of TSTU named after Islam Karimov

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