Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Jun 1, 2021

Center for digital education technologies

Head of the Center for digital education technologies

Oqbo`tayev Murodbek Tohir o`g`li

Acceptance dates: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1400 - 1600 

Phone: (+998 90) 135-56-55


The purpose of the center

  • Almalyk branch of TSTU introduces and uses information and communication technologies in educational, scientific, administrative and economic services.
  • Solving problems of Almalyk branch of TSTU in informatiration process of educational process, management and research activity.
  • Developing information communication infrastructure  of Almalyk branch of TSTU.
  • Offering to buy modern information communication technology, using and developing it.

Functions of the center

  • Providing network administrators and network access control at the branch, ensuring that the university official website, servers, information resources are secure and ongoing.
  • Providing security and quality of multi-level telecommunication networks and technical equipment, as well as monitoring.
  • Technical support of learning resources in the Moodle distance learning system and Multime Dialy to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT in the learning process.
  • Provision of the branch offices with multimedia equipment and technical means, making offers on purchase.
  • Providing centralized software maintenance of the technical equipment of the branch.
  • Organization of work on modernization of technical equipment used in Almalyk branch.
  • Determine the right of access to information systems and network users in the branch.
  • Become an expert in drawing up and concluding contracts with enterprises and organizations providing goods and services related to informatization and technical means at the branch of almalyk branch.
  • Pursuant to a unified information security policy in the Almalyk branch.
  • Studying local international experience in automation of branch management at the Almalyk branch.
  • To ensure that network and network equipment are secure and in a permanent state of the Almalyk branch.
  • Installation, adjustment and management of hardware and software systems in the branch office.
  • Organization of work in the branch by means of computer hardware.