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Ganiyev Sarvar Tursunboy ogli
Senior Lecturer
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Department of of Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics


Bachelor direction: 5310700 - “Electrical engineering and Electromechanics"



History of the department

Items trained on the department

Professor-teaching composition of the department

Scientific-methodical work conducted at the department

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History of the department

The chair "Mining and Mining Electromechanics" Navoi State Mining Institute was founded in 2004 by the order №1 / 61 on June 1, 2004.
The chair started its activities from September 01, 2004, under the leadership of candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Mutalova Abdukhamid Mutalovich, he headed the chair 2004-2006. On the basis of the order of the rector NavSMI №1 / 150 from 9 July 2008 the chair "Mining and Mining Electromechanics" divided into two specialist 'the chair "Mining" and "Mining electrician."
From 2006-2011 the chair "Mining electromechanics" supervised senior lecturer Anarbaev Sultan Akkulovich.
In 2011, on the basis of  "Mining electromechanics" Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the specialty has been renamed to “Electrotechnology, Electromechanics, Electrotechnologies” 5310700 and later became known as the Chair of “Electrotechnology, Electromechanics, Electrotechnologies”
From 2011-2015. senior lecturer Muminov Umirzakovich Mahmoud headed the department.
Since January 2015 to the present time the chair “Electrotechnology, Electromechanics, Electrotechnologies” supervises candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer Rayhanova Galiya Elubayevna 
Currently, the chair "Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics, Electrotechnology" employs 2 associate professors, 3 senior lecturers and 3 assistants. The department closely cooperates with the leading organizations of the mining industry, in particular, training sessions are conducted by the chief metrologist of the AMMC AS Ergashev  S.S, the main welder of the AMMC Togayev D.S and others. The faculty of the department works in an atmosphere of business cooperation, creatively solving educational and scientific problems. In recent years, there has been a large influx of young, budding teachers. Under the guidance of experienced instructors-lecturers and scientists, a new teaching and methodical literature of various content and direction is being created. The members of the department take an active part in all the activities held within the Almalyk Mining Metallurgical Faculty of the Navoi State Mining Institute and in various scientific and technical conferences. Under the bachelor's program, 288 students study in two directions 5310700 “Electrotechnology, Electromechanics, Electrotechnologies” and 5320200 "Technology of machine building and automation of machine-building productions".

Bachelor direction

5310700 - “Electrical engineering and Electromechanics "

Items trained on the department

  1. Introduction to a speciality for a direction «the Electrical engineer, electromecanics, electrotechnologies»
  2. Theoretical the electrical engineer
  3. The electrical engineer, electronics
  4. Mountain machines 
  5. Stationary machines 
  6. Technology of repair mountain the equipment
  7. Electrosecurity bases
  8. Electromachines and electric drives
  9. Mountain machines and the equipment
  10. Mountain-transport and stationary machines 
  11. Electrotechnologies and electrification of the mountain enterprises
  12. Electrification of the mountain enterprises
  13. Transport machines and the electric equipment
  14. Electrification of mountain machines and mountain предпрятия
  15. Electrotechnology bases
  16. Power devices
  17. Electrotechnological devices
  18. Electroengineering
  19. Audit of power savings electrotechnical, electromechanical and electrotechnical devices.
  20. Electric devices and automation means
  21. Hydro pneumatic installations and systems of mountain machines
  22. Electrical supply and automation of mountain machines
  23. Electrosecurity on mountain enterprises
  24. Repair and operation electromechanical mountain оборудований
  25. The electrical engineer, electronics, the electric drive.
  26. Mine underground installations
  27. Electric equipment and electrical supply of mountain machines
  28. Safety rules (Mountain machines)
  29. Computer designing the electro mechanical system
  30. Governing the electro mechanical system and complexes
  31. The Mountain machines and complexes. Electrification mountain enterprise

    Professor-teaching composition of the department

  32. G’aniyev  Sarvar  Tursinboyevich
  33. Anarboyev  Sulton  Akkulovich
  34. Mo‘minov Maxmudjon Umrzaqovich
  35. Muratov G‘ulomjon G‘afurovich
  36. Shoimov  Yo’lchi Yusupovich
  37. Rayxonov Shuxrat Zaripovich
  38. Yuldoshev Xusniddin Ergashovich
  39. Mahammadjonov  Ravshonbek Komildjanovich
  40. Xusanov  Shaxobiddin
  41. An Artur Dmitreivich


  42. Rayhanova G.E, GG Muratov - Methodical instructions to the course projects and workshops on the subject of "Stationary machine"
  43. Rayhanova G.E, Tuyboyev O.V - Methodical instructions on performance of laboratory studies on the subject of "Mechanical Engineering"
  44. Bakirov A.B, Muratov G.G - Guidelines for the implementation of term papers on the subject "Hydraulic and hydro-pneumatic actuators"
  45. Rayhanova G.E - developed lectures and guidance for the implementation of laboratory and course works on the subject of  "Mining equipment repair technology"
  47. YUldoshev H.E.  ZHuraev A.SH. Journal  of Advanced Research in Technical Science. Issue 8. North Charleston, USA.


  1. Xafizov O.Y,  Sharipov D.K,  Sulaymanova D.B.-  “ Моделирование процесса загрязнения пограничного слоя атмосферы ”
  2. B.Polvonov, O.Avazboyev, Sulaymanova D.B. – “Computer Modeling of Protection of Filtering of the Liquid of the Ionized Solutions for Protection of  the Ecosystem from Pollution Sources”
  3. Rayhanova G.E. Toirov M.SH. – “Korxonalada mashina mexanizmlarini takomillashtiri yo‘llari”
  4. Райханова Г.Е., Бакиров А.Б.-  “ Нанотехнологии в помощь эергетике ”
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  6. Rakhmankulov R.G.  E.Rayhanova – “ Tajribalar  asosida  matematik  qonuniyat  topish  dasturi  xaqida “