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Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University

Chair Mining 

The head of the department

Senior Lecturer Shamaev Murat Qurbonboyevich


Mobile (93) 185-17-00



History of the department

        By order of the rector of the Navoi State Mining Institute No. 1/150 of July 9, 2008, a department was organized, Assoc. Khasanov A.S. was appointed head of the department.

        Academician Kh.A. Akbarov, academician of the Russian Mining Academy, doctor of technical sciences, professor B. R.Raimzhanov, professor B.Sh. Shakarov were invited to the department. At the department in the state, his activities were carried out by prof. Khasanov A.S. Associate Professors Yu.P. Isamatov and M.A. Mutalova, senior teacher M.K. Shamaev, assistant O.A. Khasanov. Five people worked at the full staff of the department, and 4 teachers and part-timers and hourly workers.

         At the department in 2009-2010 academic year a new direction "Professional Education" (mining) was opened. Since 2009-2010 academic year at the department in two areas - "Mining" and "Professional Education", prepare bachelors.

2009-2012 the department was headed by a senior teacher Shamaev M.K.

2012-2015 the head of the department was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A.S. Khasanov. In 2015, the temporary head of the department was assistant professor Mutalova M.A. Since 2016-2019 to the present time the head of the department is Professor Shakarov B. Now Shamaev M.Q department is  "Mining"


728 people

Total number of students

In the academic year 2019-2020, 717 students and 11 masters study at the department.

Bachelor's direction

5311600 - "Mining"

5111000 - "Professional Education" (5311600 - "Mining")

5312200-”Mining electric power”.

5А311601-“Digging useful mineral mine”

Direction of the bachelor's degree


     Direction 5311600 - "Mining" was introduced into the State Educational Standard of Continuing Education of Uzbekistan, the state educational standard of higher education, the classifier of the direction and specialties of higher education. The term in the form of full-time studies is 4 years. Academic degree - bachelor.

     5311600-The educational direction "Mining" is an educational direction in engineering and science that provides the national economy with mineral raw materials, which develops the wealth of subsurface resources by underground, open and geotechnological methods, and their processing. At the same time, methods and methods of erection of underground structures are constantly being improved. In this educational area, the objects of the Bachelor's specialist's activity are the development of mineral deposits, processing of mineral raw materials and dressing, underground mining facilities, mining processes and energy-mechanical devices, physical-technological and metrological control in mining, mining machinery and equipment, and their productive exploitation.  


Teaching staff of the department:


1. Shakarov B.Sh. - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor

2. Mutalova M.A. - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor

3. Isomatov Yu.P. - candidate of geology and mineralogical sciences, associate professor

4.Shamaev M.Q - Senior Lecturer

5. Khasanov O.A. - Senior Lecturer

6. Khasanov A.A. - Senior Lecturer

7. Sohibov I.Yu. - Senior Lecturer

8. Ahmedov M.K. - Senior Lecturer

9. Gaibnazarov B.A. - Senior Lecturer

10. Toshtemirov U.T. - Senior Lecturer

11. Bakirov G.H. - Senior Lecturer

12. Alimov Sh.M. - Assistant

13. Melnikova Т.Е. – Assistant

14. Mustafaev B.N. – Assistant

15.Tashqullov A.A. – Assistant

16.Subanova Z.A. – Assistant

17.Berdieva D.X. – Assistant

18.Ibragimova I.S. – Assistant

19.Ilmurodov U..X. – Assistant

20.Anarbaev X.P. – Assistant

21. Suyarov DJ.U.– Assistant

Scientific work carried out at the department:

On the part of teachers, scientific research work is conducted to prepare doctoral dissertations. In addition, the contractual work No. 29-1843 Jur on the topic "Technique of mining operations, which extracts colorful, rare and unmatched metals" (project manager prof. Shakarov B., 2017, cost 25 million soums)

Scientific and methodical works conducted at the department:

The address of the department

Tashkent region, Almalyk city, A. Temur street, house number 56

Associate Professor of the Department Mutalova M.A. (in co-authorship) is preparing training manual on the subject "Technology of recycling of mineral processing"

Methodical manuals

1. Mutalova M.A. The methodical manual on the subject "Mineral processing technology" prepared for students to perform practical exercises, 42 pp.

2. Shakarov B.Sh., Toshtemirov U.T. Methodical manual on the subject "Fundamentals of Mining" for the performance of course work, 58 pp.

3. Shakarov B.Sh., Toshtemirov U.T. Methodical manual on the subject "Technology of construction of underground mine workings" for practical training, 58 pp.

4. Khasanov O.A., Gaibnazarov B.A. Educational-methodical manual on the subject "Drilling and Explosion Works" for practical work

5. Shakarov B.Sh., Bakirov G.KH. Teaching-methodical manual on the subject "Technology of mining of mineral deposits by underground method" for the implementation of practical exercises, 149 pp.

6. Isamatov Yu.P., Akhmedov M.K. Methodical instruction on the subject "Geology and hydrogeology" for practical exercises, 4 pp.

7. Khasanov A.A. Methodical instruction on the subject "Fundamentals of Mining" for the implementation of practical exercises, 76 pp.

8. Sohibov I.Yu. Methodical manual on the subject "Mine surveying and the fundamentals of subsurface geometry" for the implementation of practical exercises, 78 pp. 

Lecture texts:

There are 30 subjects on the department, which are taught in the bachelor's direction, lecture texts in electronic and paper form are available

A brief summary of the training and laboratory rooms