Abdurakhmanov Soyibjon Abdurahmonovich

Abdurakhmanov Soyibjon Abdurahmonovich was born on April 8, 1945 in the village of Ahmadbek of the Shakhrikhan district of the Andijan region. Nationality Uzbek. Higher education.
Total work experience 58 years.
1961-1966, Specialty “Non-ferrous metallurgy” of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute, department of mining and metallurgy, 1967-1970. He was a graduate student at the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. In 1971-1973 he worked as an assistant at the Department of Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals TashPI. In 1972 she successfully defended her thesis on the topic “Separation of mercury in ion-exchange liquid in enriched waters”. In the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute in 1973-1976. Senior Lecturer, 1976-1977 worked as an assistant professor. Over the years he has established creative contacts with the relevant departments in the former Soviet Union (about 30). From 1977 to 1987 he worked at the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute as Head of the Department of Non-Ferrous Metals. 1987–1994 – Associate Professor at the Department of Non-Ferrous Metals of the Tashkent Pedagogical Institute. He worked as head of the department “Mineral Processing” at the Mining and Geological Center of Tashkent State Technical University. 1995-2000 Associate Professor of the Mining and Metallurgical Faculty of the Navoi State Mining Institute, Dean of the Mining and Metallurgical Faculty, 2000-2002. Tashkent State Technical University, Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, 2002-2004 Navoi State
Dean of the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgy, 2004 – 2010 NavDKI Almalyk KMF Head of Metallurgy, 2010 – 2014 NavDKI Almalyk

KMF, Professor, Department of Metallurgy and Chemical Technology, 2014-2017. Navdy Almalyk KMF Head of the Department of Metallurgy and Chemical Technology, 2017 – 2018. Head of the Metallurgy Department of the Faculty of Energy and Mechanical Engineering of the Almalyk Branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University. Currently, she is a professor in the Metallurgy Department of the Olmalik Branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University.
In 1996–1997, the management of the institute and personally the equipment of S. Abdurakhmanov were brought to the institute and created and put into operation to provide dozens of new semi-industrial scientific experiments of the MMC. He made a significant contribution to the organization and development of the scientific journal “Gorny Vestnik of Uzbekistan”. Since 1997, he is a member of the magazine. He filled the library library with textbooks.
Along with improving management, organizational work and the teaching process, he successfully defended his research work on December 19, 1997 in the dissertation council of the NDKI. It should be noted that this was the first doctoral defense in Uzbekistan, which was introduced in the metallurgical industry. In 2000, S.A. Abdurakhmanov received the title of professor.
South Australia Abdurakhmanov actively participated in the training of more than a thousand engineers, bachelors and masters. Under his leadership, he defended 7 Ph.D. theses, one doctoral thesis and spoke out against dozens of theses.
Prof. Soyibzhon Abdurakhmanovich For university students, the textbook “Theory and hydrometallurgical processes”, from 20 years

over 40 teaching aids, Russian-English dictionary on metallurgy, 250 articles, 3 monographs, 22 copyright certificates and patents.
He is a member of specialized scientific councils for thesis defense at the Navoi State Mining Institute, Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology and the Research Institute of Metallurgy and Enrichment in Almaty, as well as a member of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of Uzbekistan.
In 1997, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was awarded the Shukhrat medal, the miners’ badge of the second and third degree, as well as regional, district, city and town for the honesty, dedication and initiative of S.Abdurahmanov. He was awarded several honorary titles of the Institute.
Abdurakhmanov’s research can be divided into the following areas:

  1. 1967-1970 ore processing of ore raw materials.
  2. 1970-1973 Determination of mercury by ion flotation at the Gaidarkan treatment plant.
  3. 1974-1976 Research technology processing coconut syrup.
  4. 1977-1981 Remove the stubble and richness of the ore and extract its salts.

Shakarova Berkina Shakarovich

Shakarov Berkin was born on February 7, 1937 in the Samarkand region, Galla-Aral district, Koytash village. In 1954 he graduated from high school number 4 in the same village. On September 1, 1954, Shakarov Berkin was accepted as a first-year student at the mining faculty of the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute. In 1959 he graduated from this institute with a degree in Mineral Resources Development and received a degree in mining engineering.

Shakarov Berkin September 23, 1959 in the direction arrived the city of Navoi at the disposal of the company mailbox number 3. Here he first worked as a driller in the open cast mining, and then as an engineer in the production and technical department.

In August 1960, Shakarov Berkina was transferred to the location of the company’s mailbox No. 11, which was located in the village of Uch-kuduk, Tamdinsky district, Bukhara region. The management of the company appoints him as a mining master at mine number 7.

In January 1963, Shakarov Berkin was elected First Secretary of the Navoi Komsomol City Committee.

Shakarova Berkina in June 1965 transferred to the location of the company mailbox number 20 and is appointed head of an experienced career Muruntau.

In connection with the transfer of the start of mining at the Muruntau open-pit mine for 1967, Shakarov B. has been working at the enterprise since October 1965 as the head of the safety engineering department, senior engineer of the production-technical department.

Since January 1967, Shakarov Berkin has been engaged in preparatory work to begin mining at the Muruntau open-pit mine.

Thus, under the leadership of Shakarov Berkin, the first explosion at the Muruntau quarry thundered on March 5, 1967, and the first EKG-4.6 excavator was put into operation.

On January 30, 1968, Shakarov Berkin was elected second secretary of the Navoi City Party Committee of the Bukhara Region.

In April 1973, Shakarov Berkina was elected chairman of the Navoi City Executive Committee of the Council of People’s Deputies.

In 1975, Shakarov Berkin entered the postgraduate department of the Party Building Department of the Academy of Social Sciences under the Central Committee of the CPSU (Moscow). He graduated from graduate school in 1978, defended his thesis and received a diploma of candidate of historical sciences.

Shakarov Berkina in July 1978, was elected chairman of the Bukhara City Executive Committee of the Council of People’s Deputies.

Since July 1981, Shakarov Berkin has been working as deputy head of the department of educational institutions and science at the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan.

In July 1982 he was elected secretary of the Jizzakh regional party committee, where he worked until May 1984.

From May 1984 to August 1991 Shakarov Berkin worked as the head of the Department of the History of the Communist Party of the Central Asian Pediatric Medical Institute. During this time, he combined his pedagogical activity with scientific research, defended his doctoral dissertation and in June 1991 received a diploma of Doctor of Historical Sciences.

From September 1991 until 1999, Shakarov Berkin worked in the Jizzakh region as director of the Marzhonbulok branch of the Institute of Advanced Training of Engineering and Technical Workers, Koytash Mine, and Chief Engineer of the Marzhanbulak Gold Mine.

From January 1999, Shakarov Berkin worked at the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine from the beginning in the management of the combine as deputy head of the safety engineering department, and from June 7, 1999 to October 1, 2007, the chief engineering mine of Kalmakir.

From October 2007 to August 1, 2015, Shakarov Berkin continued his activities in the management of the plant as a mining engineer of the 1st category of the mining department. He was actively involved in the development and implementation of the Kalmakir and Sary-check quarry modernization projects. He developed the technological part of the projects for the modernization of quarries. The projects were successfully implemented, thanks to which the production capacity of the Kalmakir mine increased from 26.5 million tons of ore mining per year to 30 million tons, and the Sary-Chek open-pit mine increased annual production capacity by 1 million tons and increased to 5 million tons. ore per year.

At this time, Shakarov Berkin works as the Head of the Mining Department at the Almalyk branch of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov.

Shakarov Berkin is the father of four sons and the grandfather of five grandchildren.