Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Apr 10, 2020

Educational-methodical department

Head of department: Djiyanov Toolkin Panjievich

Reception hours: 9-00 to 13-00

Phone: (97) 705-11-09




Activities and tasks of the educational-methodical department

 - Manages the educational work of the branch, organizes the educational process according to the curricula and the program established by the Ministry of Health and Social Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

- works on the improvement of curricula and programs in accordance with modern requirements.

- establishes the educational goals specified in the curricula of the faculties.

- Controls knowledge and qualification levels of students through a rating system based on written, oral and test works including modern assessment systems. Introduces clarifications in the educational and thematic plans based on the results of control results, determines the forms of individual work with students.

- supervises the implementation by the faculty of the department of curricula and exercises.

- sets the teaching load of teachers on an hourly basis and teachers of part-time students.

- studies and summarizes the modern and advanced experience of the teaching and teaching staff.

- checks the organization of the educational process at the faculties, provides them to the deans, in order to eliminate the deficiencies identified as a result of the audit.

- organizes the development of new curricula.

- draw up a timetable for the educational process and organize the development of working curricula.

- organizes scheduling of classes and methodically guides them.

- Analyzes the teaching hours of the teachers of the branch and makes suggestions on the schedule of teachers in the faculty.

- distributes the fund of classrooms for the faculty.

- conducts current supervisory control of training sessions.

- participates in the creation of databases and branches of the departments.

- creates a data bank about the faculty.

-controls in general the pedagogical and production practice of students of the CF and MTR of the RUz and monitors the implementation of practice plans.

- Studying the activity of the departments and generalizing the experiments.

Introduces proposals for the opening of new departments and the appropriateness of the activities of the departments.