Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Feb 12, 2020

The center of information resource

Chief of the center of information resource:

Abdullayeva Mazifat Saidumarovna

Days of receive: Wednesday, Saturday  -  1300- 1500




General information.


Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University Almalyk subsidiary was organized in 2017 year 27 July according to the decision  PQ 3153 by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The center of information resources of Almalyk functions to the following faculties “Field working and metallurgy”, “Energy and machinery” to some branches.

  • Section of methodical – scientific and information reports (periodic issues)
  • Section of the library of information resources, Cataloguing and systematize
  • Section of service with library of Information resources
  • Section of resources of electron information.

Today 10 coworkers serve in this center of information resources.

Such as:

  • 4 of them are higher education specialist
  • 2 employees are secondary education specialist
  • 4 employees are secondary education not specialist

Today the found of CIR is based 34305 books. Such as:

  • Text-books – 2507
  • Handbooks – 6289
  • Belles –letters fictions –8216
  • Other types literatures – 15792
  • The Latin scripts – 7928
  • Uzbek Cyrillic  scripts –8097
  • The Russian language – 18299
  • During the academic year there are 75650 books are done to the library.
  • academic year CIR has been filled1474 books. Such as:
  • text-books – 196
  • manuals – 451
  • belles-letters fictions –704
  • sociopolitical literatures –123
  • there are 8652 electron literatures CIR

It is attended to use the new communication technology in CIR. Now the service of electron library’s demands are increased among resource of information. Branches of electron literature storage are enriched by professor teachers. Such as: lecture-texts, experience works, handbooks, literatures which is loaded from the Internet, and electron textbooks which is brought from different higher educational establishment.