Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Head of Department

Pulatov Golibjon
candidate of chemistry, docent
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Monday - Friday
from 14:00 to 16:00
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Department of “Chemical Technology”


Bachelor direction: - 5320400 – “chemical technology”


History of the department

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Professor-teaching composition of the department

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History of the department

Department of “Chemical technology” in September 2004 of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Faculty of Navoi State Mining Institute the department “Metallurgy and Enrichment of minerals Deposits” was created. For the position of the head of the department professor S. Abdurakhmonov is appointed.
In 2010, when the faculty was admitted to the department “chemical technology” and the specialists in this direction were assigned to the department “Metallurgy and Enrichment of Minerals” the name of the department was changed to “Metallurgy and chemical technology”. In addition, professors and lectures of the department are tasked with conducting lectures and classes for students of faculties on such subjects as mathematics, physics, chemistry, ecology, life safety, information technology, enrichment of mineral resources.
Since the establishment of the department asocial professors Sh. K. Kurbanov, Srojiddinov I, Khakimov E, Rakhmonkulov R, Mutalova M, Jumakulov T, Khasanov A and teachers: Shimina G, Toshkodirova R.E, Askarova N.M, in 2010 associate professors: Kholikov D.B, Mamatkulov N.N, Ikrmova M.E, Kamolov T.O, Amanov R.O.
Teachers: Mirzayeva E.I, Kuchkarova N.X, Safarov O’.O, Jumayev  M.N,full time state, OKMK specialists Karimov K, Ruzikulov K, Niyazmetov B, from the factory “Ammofos Maxam” specialists – Mamasoliyev I, Isayev  Rustamov  B, from the department of urban situation – Toshmatov V, Rakhmonov I from the “O’ZGEORANGMETALLIT” institute made a ret contribution to the formation of the department.
In a short period of time, 45 teaching materials, practical and laboratory (experimental) training manuals were prepared and 2 published the manual.
Professor and teachers of the department are engaged in a number of research works on the subject of 3 state grants, carried out scientific researches on4 economic contracts, in result about 50 scientific articles and theses, 2 monographs were published, under the supervision of professor Abdurakhmonov S 2 condidates (Sh.K Kurbanov, N. Doniyorov) and 2 doctors (A. Khasanov, A.A Kurbanov)  were defented. In order  to attract talented student to scientific research, the department has organized  “Yosh metallurglar” and “ “ Yosh kimyogarlar” clubs, and they are still working. The students activity participate in the circles, along with the teachers, have published scientific articles, theses and graduation works on a scientific basis. Bekbutayev Beruniy state Scholarship was awarded.  Students  of the department activity participated in the Olympiads and sports competitions. Including Munosibov Sh – the History on the third place in the republic. Nematov Abdumutal – the champion Asia of the belbogli kurash.
Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Faculty under the Navoi State Mining Institute as abolished in July 2017 and the Almalyk branch of Tashkent state technical university named after Islam Karimov was replased. The Almalyk branch has an independent department of “Metallurgy” and “Chemical technology “.

Total number of students

In the 2018-2019 academic year 246 students are studying at the department.

Bachelor’s degree:

5320400 – “chemical technology”

Professors and teachers of the department:

  1. Mamatkulov Ne’matilla Narzullayevich candidate of chemical sciences, docent
  2. Pulatov Golib Murodovich, assistant
  3. Yusupova Go’zal Khusan’s daughter, assistant
  4. Madusmonova Nazira Kuchkarboyevna
  5. Khoshimkhonova Muxayyo Abralovna, assistant
  6. Tursunova Dilshoda Rakhmiddinobna, assistant
  7. Ochilov Mansur XXX, assistant

Leader of room

Baratova Moxira Xusanbayevna

Scientific work of the department

Professors and teachers of the department conduct research work on the topic: “ Improving the technology of  superfos production and increasing the phosphorus content” and “ Synthesis used for oil and water purification on the  basis of local raw materials”

Address of the department:

Tashkent region, Almalyk city,  A.Temur 56

Educational manual

Docent of the department Mamatkulov N.N. a textbook on “technology of knikking materials” is being prepared.

Methodological manuals:

Teacher staff of the department develops the following guidelines:

  1. Yusupova G.X. she developed a guideline for practical training on “General chemical technology” and was approved by the academic. Council and recommended for publication in Russian.
  2. Yusupova G.X. she has developed a guideline for laboratory training in the subject “ Chemical technology of inorganic substances” and was approved  by the scientific council and recommended for publication in Russian.
  3. Po’latov G.M. Developed a guideline for practical training on “ Basic technological processes and equipment” and was approved by the Academic council  and recommended for publication in Russian.
  4. Po’latov G.M. Laboratory training on “ Technology of mineral fertilizers” is developed by the scientific council and recommended for publication in Russian.
  5. Mamatkulov N.N. a textbook on “technology of knikking materials” is being prepared.

Lecture texts:

There are electronic and paper versions of the lecture texts on 14 subjects that are taught in the bachelor’s degree.

General classification of Bachelor Degree.

Direction 5320400 – “ chemical technology” included in the classifier of continuous educations standard state educational standard of higher education, direction and specialties og higher education.

The term of education is 4 years

Academic degree – “ Bachelor”

As a result of mastering the bachelor’s degree program in direction of “ chemical technology”, the following tasks era taken in accordance with the main types of professional training and preparation of specialization:

  • Scientific and research activities: methods, software solutions, simplification of technology of production of mineral fertilizers, increase of practical skills of production of mineral fertilizers in laboratory classes, to improve the quality of products, to reduce the cost of the goods to carry out experimental research on typical methodologies and others, to develop scientific and technical reports, to participate in scientific seminars and scientific conferences, to prepare in articles in scientific and technical journals.
  • In design – a nalytical activity: development of the project of state directions of useful mineral extraction, development of mathematical, informational models, development of design and program documents on the subject of experimental design and practical works.
  • In industrial and technological activity: development and application of standard technological processes development and use of instrumental tools and environment of automated systems in scientific and practical activity.
  • In organizational and management activity: the development and implementation of the quality management system for chemical processes, the planning of production facilities and resources necessary for the production of chemicals, compliance with the requirements of environmental protection and industrial safety in chemical participation in controlling production processes.