Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Feb 12, 2020


Head of Department:

Shukhurov Elbek 

Reception time: Tuesday-Friday (900-1500 )

Telephone: +998998432312



2-category accountant:

Khasanova Khilola 

Reception time:  Tuesday-Friday  (900-1500 )




2-category accountant:

Mamatkulov Khamza 

Reception time: Tuesday-Friday  (900-1500 )

Telephone:: +998944050342


Account holder of payment contract funds:

Berdiyev Muslimjon

Reception time:  Tuesday-Friday  (900-1500 )

Telephone: +9989--------


Purchasing Specialist:

Khoshimov Burkhonjon 

Reception time:  Tuesday-Friday (900-1500 )

Telephone: +998937371144

About accounting activities

Accounting of the branch of TDTU Almalyk performs the following functions::
  • In order to provide complete and reliable information about the financial and economic activities and financial situation of the Tdtu Almaliq branch to the interested external and internal users, the accounting department organizes and maintains the accounting of the TDTU Almaliq branch;
  • Formulate an accounting policy in accordance with the normative documents on accounting, which provide an opportunity to obtain timely information for the evaluation, analysis, design and control of the financial situation and results of the activities of the Tdtu Almaliq branch, the characteristics of the conditions of Economic Conduct, structure, degree of networkedness and other types of opportunities of the TDTU Almaliq branch.
  • Forms of accounting internal reports, forms of primary accounting documents used for the formalization of economic operations, accounting accounting consisting of statistical and analytical calculations prepares and approves the work plan;
  • Provides the procedure for carrying out inventory and property valuation, maintaining documents on the availability of property, its condition and price;
  • The system of internal control over the correctness of formalization of economic operations in compliance with the document circulation procedure;
  • Formulate an accounting accounting information system and reporting system that provides the provision of accounting information needed to external and internal users, in accordance with the accounting, tax, statistical and management accounting requirementstiradi;
  • Carries out work on maintaining the accounting records in accordance with modern information technology, progressive forms and methods of accounting and control;
  • Carries out work on financial results of activities of the Almalik branch of TDTU, Financial, Accounting and credit operations, financial resources, material and production reserves, basic instruments, Liabilities and property accounting;
Accounting provides the following:
  • Accurate and timely reflection of economic operations, movement of instruments, formation of income and expenses and fulfillment of obligations in accounting accounts;
  • Timely transfer of taxes and fees to the Republican, regional and local budgets, insurance contributions to social funds outside the state budget, payments to credit organizations, financing objects of funds, funds for the closure of debts in accordance with the ssudas;
  • Control over the expenditure of the fund of payment for labor by the organization and the correctness of the accounts of payment to workers, the conduct of inventory, the order of accounting and reporting, as well as the conduct of legal inspections;
  • Participation in the internal audit of the organization in the conduct of financial analysis and tax policy formulation on the basis of information in accounting records and reports;
  • Development of proposals aimed at improving the results of the financial activities of the Tdtu Almaliq branch, eliminating financial losses and expenses not directed to production;
  • To ensure compliance with the rules of financial and Treasury procedures, to carry out work to ensure the legality of the issuance of accounting statements of deficiencies, debts and other losses.