Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Dec 21, 2019

Head of Department

Makhxmudov Bekzod Khamidovich
Candidate of historical subjects
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Monday - Friday
from 14:00 to 16:00
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Department of Social humanitarian subjects




History of the department

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History of the department

Declaration   of 4th state commission which took part in   18th of July, 2001. According to the  scientific soviet of NSMI and rector’s order numbered 1.68 in 2001  Almalyk mines- metallurgy faculty was opened as well as the named after “Social humanitarian subjects chair” was established. In 26 th of Desember, 2001 (registered number N1632.1)  chair of “Social humanitarian subjects chair” was founded within the Almalyk mine- metallurgical faculty which noted in the charted of Navoiy State Mines University. Basic duties of the chair are, and knowledge, to knowledge, to provide the latest events occurring in socio-politikal and spiritual life of Uzbekistan and inform with accomplishing affairs about inner and outer politics of our countru. Since faculty was faunted Z.T. KHudoyberdiyeva, I.A Yuldashev, and T.U. Mirzakulov have been ruled the chair. In that period financical source of the   chair was improved, qualified teachers were appointed for jobs.
The chair’s service is great in extending young generation’s point of view, improving their thought, explaining them events and changes of its economical, social and spiritual life of Independent Uzbekistan. introducing with home and foreign policy of our country.
From 2011 till  2016 Associate professor  M.A. Bayjumanov ruled the chair. During that times in chair doctor of science  professor T.U Mirzakulov, docent G.U Ernazarova, docent K.A Kraxmal, docent M.S Mamarazaqov, candidate of technical sciences  B.X Maxmudov, candidate of economics sciences N Mamadaliyeva, senior teachers I.A Yuldasheva, Kim L.A, N.T Abdulkhakimova, D.S Yusupov, Sh.A Ruzmatov, R.T Urazova, assistents M Kosimova, M.A Vakhobova, B.X Mamatkarimova, D Azimov, Kh Khasanov. S Eronov. A Murodkosimov  thought from  social- humanitarian and subjects, and organized various ceremonies.
Sinces 2014 it has benn considered as chair of “Social humanitarian subjects chair” . There were a doctor of science, professors, 4 candidates of science, and 2 associate professors in this chair. Scientific  degree of  the chair is 26.5 %.
Scince 2th of September, 2017 chair of “Social and humanitarian subjects” has been functioning as a part of TASHKENT STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER ISLOM KARIMOV OLMALIK BRANCH.
HD teachers of the chair have accomplishing to bring up students love toward their country to absorb national independent ideas via “Spiritualism and Enlightenment” hours Spiritualism day ceremonies.
Scientificbranch of the chair: Current social-political events in Uzbekistan , languare and society, highest poited matters of pedagogu and psyschologu, scientific researches belonging to improving sport domains are considered as a researches. Until this time by Phd teacher of the chair, 10 monographs, scientific handbooks as well as more than 200 scientific articles have been published.
In 16 th  of November, 2017 senior teacher  R.T. Urazova defended her research work in order to get scientific degree doctor of the historical philosophy.

Department’s professors and teachers:

  1. Makhmudov B.K. - Candidate of historical subjects
  2. Zakirov SHakirdjan Mamajanovich Candidate of Filasofiya subjects, docent
  3. Norimbetov T.B. - Candidate of Psychological subjects, docent
  4. Kayumov B - Candidate of pedagogical subjects, Docent
  5. Abdulhakimova N.T - assistant lecturer
  6. Kosimova M.N. - Senior Lecturer
  7. Urazova R.T. - Senior Lecturer
  8. Kim L.A - Senior Lecturer
  9. Yusupov D.S. - Senior Lecturer
  10. Vakhabova M.A - Senior Lecturer
  11. Mamatkarimova B.K. - assistant lecturer
  12. Nazarova M.G - assistant lecturer
  13. Temirova F.T - assistant lecturer
  14. Sinjapova Rusana Ruslanovna - assistant lecturer

Scientific researches of the department:

B.X. Makhmudov is researching under the topic “Social –Political, economical and cultural history of Karluk-karakhans nation” for the doctor of science. Senior teacher R.T. Urazova has planned the research under the theme “Social-historical analysis of Zardush thenology”

Scientific – methodological activity of the Department:

By the members of the department were prepared manuals, texts of lectures, educational – methodological aids and materials in the courses of philosophy, logic, ethics, aesthetics, cultural studies, bases of spirituality, religious studies, also for the masters students “methodology of scientific research”. Were prepared questionnaires and tests for the current control, interim control and final control.
The members of the department are implementing in their classes new pedagogical technologies such as brain storming, cluster and others. Strengthening of material – technical conditions of the department, implementation of scientific results in the lectures and seminars are among the urgent and actual tasks of the department. The members of the department are mentoring scientific research work of the students, participating in student conferences with the lectures, obtained results are being published in scientific journals of the Republic.
In the recent years by the members of the department several monographs and educational – methodological brochures and aids for lecture and seminar classes were prepared and published. More than 200 scientific articles were published. E- version of educational – methodological materials were entered into national educational portal “Ziyonet”.

Methodological manuals:

  1. Vahobova N.M. “Methodologic manual for working with technical texts for students of technical universities”
  2. Abdulxakimova N.T “ Connection of  English and Uzbek technical texts”
  3. Qayumov B.I “To organize educational affaifs”

Texts of the Lectures:

There are printed and e-versions of texts for lectures which teached from 16 subjects.

The address of the department:

Toshkent region, Olmalik city  Amir Temur street 56