Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Apr 11, 2020

Yoshlar bilan ishlash, ma’naviyat va ma’rifat bo‘limi


Нead of department: Pardayev Jamshid Juraxonovich

Reseption time: 9:00-17:00

Phone: (+99893) 550-62-78



“Moral and enlightenment” and the tasks of the head of the department of working with the powerful youth:

•          Delevering the received documents and indications the issues of the moral and enlightenment of the ministry of higher and secondary particular education and providing with accomplishing of the tasks;

•          Conforming the function of the community meeting and with regard of the faculty of deans and controlling;

•          Controlling the moral and enlightenment life of library;

•          Creating enough conditions for “Group of News”;

•          Manufacturing offers and advices to the concern of developing of the function of tutors’ meeting;

•          Cooperating closely with the union of the Youth, women-girls’ meeting also different actions of community and organizations;

•          Establishing clubs and meetings in order to supporting the capable as well as moral and enlightenment youth and controlling;

•          Providing participation of the community and student in works of flourishing and hashar, in common actions of the branch;

•          Delivering to the students the meaning of decisions and orders which were accepted by the government and President of Republic of the Uzbekistan;

•          Defining capable students, establishing prepearing intentional with conformity of trend as well as manufacturing complex regulation of developing of their function;

•          Establishing and developing the function of scientific society of the students;

•          Defining the intellectual capacity of capable students periodically;

•          Providing the capable students with the clubs which were established near the chair as well as research works;

•          Establishing to quality of conducting of the first and Cast stages of Olympiad ofof students of Republic to the concern of speciality of subjects in the conducted Hegher Education;

•          Giving advices to the studying of capable students in the Foreign educational establishment and scientific centres;

•          Encouraging the capable students who are participating in researching works as well as acquiring in a high level.