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Branch Director

Samadov A


Job title:  Director
Science degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Accepting days: Working days from 9:00 to 17:00
Phone: +998 70 613 81 92
E-mail : a.samadov@tdtuof.uz

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Date and place of birth: November 2, 1966, Pakhtachi district of Samarkand region Educational institution,

Year of graduation: Tashkent State Technical University, 1992

Academic degree, title (given year): Doctor of Technical Sciences, 2017 Dissertation defense (subject, specialty, defense time, specialized council): “Management of technological processes of processing of precious metals in changing production conditions” 05. 13. 07 – Automation and production of technological processes 1997, Tashkent State Technical University 067.07.01. “Peculiarities of a comprehensive approach to the processing of man-made products in the mining and metallurgical industry” 04.00.14 – Mineral processing 2017.

Scope of research work: From the development of technology for processing man-made products of mining and metallurgical enterprises to increase the production of non-ferrous, precious and ferrous metals in the metallurgical industry through the development of methods for the separation of gold, silver, iron and silicon dioxide; mining and metallurgical enterprises to provide analysis of research on the processing of man-made products.

 Other biographical information related to scientific, scientific-organizational and pedagogical activity:

1982-1983 yy. – Collective farmer of the collective farm “Communism” Pakhtachi district of Samarkand region;

1983-1984 yy. – Plasterer of the Rural Development Department of Samarkand region;

1984-1986 yy. – Conscription;

1986-1987 yy. – Plasterer of the Rural Development Department of Samarkand region;

 1987-1992 yy. – Student of Tashkent Polytechnic Institute;

1992-1995 yy. – Postgraduate student of Tashkent State Technical University;

1996-1998 yy. – Senior Research Fellow, Tashkent Research Institute of Economics and Production Forces;

1998-2006 yy. – Metallurgical Engineer, Deputy Head of Workshop No. 1, Chief Metallurgist of the Training Department and Technological Bureau of Workshop No. 1 of the Scientific and Production Association “Fonon”;

2006-2012 yy. – Production Director of the State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Fonon”;

2012-2013 yy. – Associate Professor of Metallurgy, Tashkent State Technical University;

2013-2016 yy. – Head of the Master’s Department of Tashkent State Technical University;

2016-2017 yy. – Associate Professor of Metallurgy, Tashkent State Technical University;

2017-h.v. – Director of the Almalyk branch of the Tashkent State Technical University.

Director’s job description Almalyk branch of Tashkent State Technical University

Developed in accordance with the rules approved and recommended by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 31, 2011 No. 530 “Network tariff and qualification reference book.

Duties of the director of the Almalyk branch of the Tashkent State Technical University:       

• Organization of the implementation of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the President, resolutions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of education and training;

• Providing training of highly educated and qualified personnel with high moral and ethical qualities, capable of thinking independently, owning the methods of organizing work in market conditions;

• Organization of training of highly qualified personnel on the basis of state educational standards;

• Ensuring the implementation of the tasks set by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education” and the National Curriculum for Higher Education;

• Determination of the powers of all divisions of the structure of a higher educational institution, planning, coordination, management of their activities, training qualified personnel for managerial positions at the university, recruiting personnel, recommending and recruiting for leadership positions;

• Material and moral incentives, social protection, disciplinary measures;

• Control over the formation and effective use of income of higher educational institutions;

• Organization of research work, increasing their efficiency and widespread introduction of research results, ensuring the integration of higher education, science and industry; • Organization of creation, translation and publication of textbooks, teaching aids in accordance with the requirements of the concept of creating a new generation of educational literature for the system of lifelong education; • Organize the introduction and effective use of advanced forms of education in the educational process, including distance learning, new pedagogical and information and communication technologies;

• Supervision of spiritual and educational work, the formation of a national idea among staff and students;

• Admission to the institute of a student, trainee-researcher-researcher-researcher, expulsion from school and restoration in compliance with the internal regulations;

• Ensuring the professional development of teachers;

• Organization of social services and other conditions for students, trainees, researchers, teachers, ensuring their social protection;

• Ensuring the improvement of state educational standards, curricula, textbooks, research management;

• Development of marketing services, study of the demand and needs for specialties, analysis of the practical employment of graduates, organization of cooperation agreements on targeted training;

• Development and implementation of measures to strengthen and develop the material and technical base of the higher educational institution, management of the Academic Council of the higher educational institution, improving the structure of the higher educational institution, organizing, liquidating, changing its structural divisions; • Development of scientific and creative ties with foreign partners, ensuring the attraction of investments and grants, the creation of joint ventures (departments, research centers, research, projects, etc.);

• Cooperation with public organizations, the Board of Trustees and other similar non-governmental organizations;

• Ensuring the fulfillment of other tasks set by the competent authorities for the management of the educational process.

Must know :

Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and orders of the Ministry, regulations governing the educational, scientific, financial and educational process in higher education.

Qualification requirements:

• Professional and organizational skills required for managerial positions in higher education institutions, relevant managerial and educational experience, relevant knowledge and skills within the scope of activities and competencies;

• Exemplary personal qualities – intelligence, culture, leadership, creativity, politeness, organization, initiative and entrepreneurial abilities, a sense of responsibility, independent decision-making and action, persistence, ensuring the achievement of the strategic goals of the institution;

• Degree of Doctor or Candidate of Science, Professor or Associate Professor in one of the areas and specialties of bachelor’s and master’s of higher education; Must have at least five years of effective work experience in leadership positions in the relevant management departments of a higher education institution, such as head of a department, dean or deputy faculty, vice-rector.

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