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Information Resource Center



Position: Head of Information Resource Center
Accepting days: Every day from 09:00 to 17:00
Phone: +99899 918 55 16

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General information

       Tashkent State technical university Almalyk branch named after Islam Karimov was founded  in 2017 basing on the decision of the President of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev.

The information center of Almalyk branch is run according to these faculties: Metallurgy and chemical technology, Mining, Energy and machinery.

  • Scientific-methodic and informational data branch
  • Collecting, classifying and systematizing information library resources branch
  • Making serves with information library recourses branch
  • E-information recourses branch

Nowadays the staff consists of 9 members

And they are:

4 of them are bachelors
2 of them are specialists
3 of them are non-specialists

Nowadays IRC includes 36860 types of data

They are:

  • Text books-3089
  • Teaching instructions-7637
  • Fiction books-8937
  • Other types of books-13239
  • Social-political books-3958
  • Latin alphabet-25220
  • Uzbek language-3508
  • Russian language- 8132

In 2022-2023 Academic year Information resource center received totally 3851 new literature.

They are:

  • Textbooks- 323
  • Scientific books- 815
  • Fictional books-110
  • Social and political literature-2603

In 2022-2023 Academic year Information resource center was supplied with 965 new types of literature with 50 names by our professor-teachers.

IRC is being provided with 7301 e-copies of textbooks and scientific instructions year by year.

Using new types of technology is being paid special information by staff. Nowadays there is getting more and more demand for utilizing E-library. There are several opportunities to get more information with the help of lectures, practical works, methodic works, online literature and mass media which were supplied by professor teachers of our university and other universities.

Information Recourse Center is equipped with modern 59 set of computers, fast scanner, book shelves with QRBOOK and it is connected with WI-FI set. https://t.me/TDTUOFARM telegram channel was organized in order to service users effectively and in a fast way and one can find all e-copies of the data of the library.   

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