Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Apr 9, 2021

Amir Temur - the great commander

The power, justice and creativity of our people are embodied in the image of the great master Amir Temur, who has an unprecedented significance in the history of mankind.

The scientific-artistic event "Amir Temur - the great commander" organized at the Almalyk branch of Tashkent State Technical University, spoke about the courage, bravery and will of the master to serve as a program for educating young people and raising their spiritual world. The "Temur's Statutes", which were remembered by the soldiers of the National Guard of the Tashkent region who visited the event, were created on the basis of the life principles of the great commander.

Talented students of 5ab-19 KEM, 4-20 KI, 2-20 MET groups under the guidance of professors Muhammadjanov RA, Sh.Matkasimova praised the high level of the event.