Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
Feb 12, 2020

   Department of Marketing and Student Practice

Head of Marketing and Student Operations:

   Bektaev Azimjon 

   Phone: (97) 874-40-38

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   Chief Specialist:

   Ergashkxujayeva Zarifa 

   Phone: +998 93 867-76-76

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  Burgutova Gulruxsor 

  Phone: +998 94 021-88-84

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The purpose of the department is the formation of a portfolio of applications, employment and monitoring of graduates:
    - To develop and introduce specific strategies for the Almalyk branch of the TDTU in the market of education services, employers (employers) who are trained in the bachelor's and master's specialties, to direct the implementation of the requirements to the person skilled in the art, to ensure that information is provided in the planning and promotion of information and information, distribution and placement of graduates, and is to prepare for a timely preparation, to conclude contracts, and to control.

Tasks of the Marketing Department and student practice
- Continuously carry out marketing research in the market of educational services and provide educational services, ie, studying the professional qualifications of graduates in the bachelor's and master's specialties, as well as their employers' masters).
- Analyze the changes in the market of services and determine new directions of development, which may lead to the formation of competitive education services in bachelor's and master's specialties in the sectors of the economy and social sphere.
- Undertaking the analysis of the relationships between different faculties (s) affecting the market and the educational services market for undergraduate and graduate specialties, the organization of pre-graduate system of graduates and make it happen.
- Objects of distribution of jobs, including the ratio of demand and supply of alumni to undergraduate and graduate specialties, - consumers of educational services (employer enterprises, organizations with different ownership forms - government and local authorities, government and non-governmental organizations, and others. Establishment of a comprehensive database through identification and grouping of geographical location, and identification of potential capacities.
- Creating a data bank about graduates of the current year (with indication of surname, name and surname of day and special correspondence forms of education on the basis of state grants and specialties) .
- Preparation of proposals for the opening of new educational directions or specialties taking into account the development prospects of the economy and social sectors of the country and the regions (regions), as well as cessation of non-compliance with the educational services market, Identify a list of undergraduate and non-bachelor's majors.
- In order to determine student admission indicators, the state grants and payment contracts, taking into account existing education (training) areas or requirements (requirements) of employers (enterprises and organizations) formulate current and prospective "orders portfolio".
- Establishment of the TISU ALMALI ALUMINUM COMMISSION COMMISSION, preparation and distribution of graduates 'work allocation plans (initial, defined) by the divisional commission for the real needs of employers' organizations, enterprises and organizations, compilation and summary of graduates' individual distribution report.
- A description of the rating and qualifications of each graduate on Bachelor's and Master's specialties required for the work of the Graduate School of Business Administration of the TDTU ALMALIK Branch, as to what kind of institution, organization, or organization the graduates wish the results of questionnaire surveys and the employers '(consumers') information on existing labor and household-cultural conditions and wages in the enterprise or organization.
- Preparation, registration and handing over to graduates all necessary documents for the distribution and distribution of graduates (diploma, posting, divisional commission decision, personal distribution account).
- Apply to the Commission of Almalyk TDTU for consideration of applications from young professionals distributed by the Distribution Commission and to make a decision, redelegation of the necessity or the basis of the independent employment.
- Establishment of a full-fledged databank about job placement in distributed and distributed businesses.
- Guidance for graduation qualification works and master dissertations and attracting highly qualified specialists of the employer (client) enterprises and organizations within the SAC.
- Preparation of clauses and recommendations on organization of cadres, employment, training and scientific-production centers (polygons, operational bases) with employers' enterprises and organizations, and concluding agreements on material and technical cooperation, rebuild
- Establish contacts with young professionals who have been employed for the current year and for the previous years, provide them with practical and methodological assistance, as well as to summarize the results of their work.
- Implementation of the Admission Plan for the new academic year (Public Grants and Payroll, Admission, Contest, Number of Students Admitted, Their Courses, Educational Areas (Specializations) , language of instruction, etc.).
- To conclude bilateral agreements on the issuance of three years of work at the workplace after graduating from the State Scholarship Scholarships and the TDIU Almalyk branch in the new academic year.
- Establishing and concluding contracts with enterprises, organizations and private farms to identify students' manufacturing and pre-requisite bases; feedback from employers (consumers) on graduates (objections, shortcomings, rejection of a young specialist; the reasons for this) and the quality of educationto make recommendations on specific changes to the content of the current education on the basis of their proposals.
- Increasing the professional skills of students in the bachelor's and master's specialties and the distribution of graduates by relevant departments of the higher educational institution (various scientific-methodological councils, scientific, educational-methodical units, faculties, chairs and xk), analyzing the effectiveness of their actions and participating in the evaluation, and coordinating all relevant divisions in the implementation of a common marketing policy.
- Carrying out market research on international market of educational services and preparation of analytical conclusions.
- The choice of ways of influencing employers on information through the media, the graduates through the media (newspapers, magazines, radio-TV, electronic communication, web-site) (in the directions of education, specialties), publication of information on the website of the higher educational institution, publication of information and their delivery to consumers (employers), advertisement to participate in the preparation of scenarios, essays, sketches of advertising modules, articles of text, video and audio.
- In order to form a competitive alumni based on the analysis of the results of the study, analysis and analysis of the results of marketing research of the process of formation of professional skills in accordance with the level of bachelor's (Master's) and requirements of employers (consumers) , presenting the recommendations of customers (consumers) to relevant departments and scientific, educational and methodical subdivisions.
- Evaluating the degree of professionalism of competitive alumni prepared in undergraduate and graduate specialties at related higher education institutions, comparing their advantages and disadvantages and comparing them with their graduates.
- Identify the needs of Master's degree in Almalyk branch of the TDTU and provide the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education with a special commission to coordinate the work of graduates and monitoring of young professionals.
- Providing information on the real needs of staff and the results of the final distribution of graduates to the special commission of the relevant ministry (agency) and the employer organization, enterprises and organizations; Providing information to the Ministry of Education.
- Development of proposals and recommendations on improving the personality of a competitive specialist to improve professional skills and qualifications of bachelors and masters alumni, taking into account the achievements of science and technology.
- Selection of auxiliary mediation structures for graduates in undergraduate and graduate specialties (eg, hokimiyats, labor and population social protection departments, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, agencies, trustees, etc.) and their capabilities effective use.
- In order to demonstrate the opportunities and advantages of alumni undergraduate and graduate specialties, the Almalyk TDTU.