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“Arts Day” in the open air

On November 23, an open-air exhibition of creative works “Art Day” was held in the courtyard of the main building of the Almalyk branch of TSTU.

Students of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Chemical Technology took an active part in the exhibition, which was held with the aim of meaningfully organizing students’ free time and discovering new talents.

Active students of the exhibition received the following nominations:

🔷Nomination “Craftsman” – M. Usubalieva (1b-23 met.)
🔷Nomination “Master of Comics” – G. Osmonova (11a-21 HT)
🔷Nomination “Master of Portraits” – Inshakova M. (2-21 met.)
🔷Nomination “Master Designer” – M. Umaralieva, Z. Akbarova (11a-23)

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