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Charity Marathon

馃敺As we reported, the team of the Almalyk branch of TSTU organized a charity marathon. Competitions were held as part of the marathon. Check out the results of the competition.

馃敺In the 3 km running competition among boys
1st place Bakhtiyor Turgunov 13-23 EEE
2nd place Yokutbek Nuridinov 3d-23 OPI
3rd place Mekhrozh Lapasov 3b-23 GD

馃敺In the 1 km running competition among girls
1st place Ashirkulova G. 1a-23 met
2nd place Zilola Kholboeva 11a-20 HT
3rd place Parizoda Mirusmanova 11d-20 HT

馃敺 Between girls in the 100-meter running competition held at the marathon
1st place Ashirkulova Gavkhar 1-23met
2nd place Nishonova Durdona 1a-23met
3rd place Gulmirzaeva Laila 1a-23met

馃敺 Between guys
1st place E. Rakhmonkulov .3-23 GD
2nd place Yuldoshev U. 3-23 GD
3rd place Y. Nuriddinov 3-23GD.

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