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On the path to knowledge


The systematic organization of spiritual and educational work in the country pays special attention to increasing the intellectual potential, consciousness and worldview of young people, strengthening their ideological immunity, and raising a harmonious generation living in the spirit of patriotism and dedication.

In particular, these include the “Marifat Ulashib” project, which is organized in all higher educational institutions, schools and mahallas. As part of this project, a program has been developed in which, together with higher educational institutions, secondary schools and mahallas, poets, writers are invited to educational institutions and events are held with youth and students.

One of these meetings took place in the Almalyk branch of TSTU. At the beginning of the creative event, guests, member of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan, poet Abdunabi Boykuziev and head of the information service of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan Fozil Farkhod, within the framework of the Yashil Makon project, planted tree seedlings on the territory of the branch.

Afterwards, the guests met with the students of the branch. At the beginning of the event, the director of the TSTU Academy of Sciences, Professor Alisher Samadov introduced the students to the guests and gave the floor to them.

During the conversation, the guests read poems, shared opinions about creativity, books, and talked about life situations. Branch student D. Sattorova, winner of a poetry competition held among students, organized on the initiative of the branch director, was awarded a cash prize.

A creative meeting with poet-thinkers brought aesthetic pleasure to poetry lovers.

The next address of the guests of the project “Ma’rifat ulashib” was the specialized state secondary school No. 19 in Almalyk, one of the partner schools of the AF TSTU. The poets first planted seedlings in the school yard, then met with schoolchildren.

Sincere dialogue at a meeting with young people serves to instill patriotic feelings and develop their immunity to alien ideas.

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