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Project “The School Where the Scientist Studied”

Science is like a light that illuminates human life. Work on the path of knowledge, constant search, conquering the boundaries of knowledge leads a person to perfection and wins the respect of the nation. Everyone works for their own goals. For a person who considers science to be his main goal, constant reading, learning and research will accompany him throughout his life. The result of this path is honor and respect of people and students, recognition of the scientific community.

Norimbetov Turgun Buharovich, candidate of psychological sciences and Kuibakov Bahadir Baydullaevich candidate of technical sciences, born and raised in the Urtachirchik district of the Tashkent region, studying certain areas of technical sciences, today teach many young people in the higher education system. They carry out teaching activities in the Almalyk branch of TSTU. At secondary school No. 7, where these two scientists studied, a meeting was organized between the leadership of the branch, professors and teachers with the school staff and students. The event was attended by colleagues, friends and family members of scientists.

The scientists spoke about the difficult path of world science, their achievements, their mentors and their current activities. Speaking at the event, friends and colleagues spoke about the personal qualities of these two scientists and shared memories of distant school times… At the event, talented students and schoolchildren also sent their congratulations, performing songs and dances.

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