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Reminder to applicants

The applicant must submit the relevant documents to the admissions committee and confirm that the data corresponding to the documents submitted to them has been entered correctly into the applicant database. After completion of the admission process, the applicant’s applications (complaints) are not taken into account. The applicant will participate in testing on the date and time specified on their permit. During the testing process, the applicant has the right:

using the question booklet as a draft;

completing test tasks before the due date, followed by handing over the test materials in order to the group leader and leaving the testing area.

On the day of testing, the applicant must enter the premises before 07:00 (second shift until 13:00), into the room before 07:30 (second shift until 13:30) only with the permission of the applicant and passport through personal identification means and video recording devices, strictly follow the testing rules. from 07:30 to 08:00 on the first shift and from 14:30 to 15:00 on the second shift, the following work is required:

checking the correspondence of the book numbers of test tasks and the corresponding digital answer sheet;

check for defects in the test materials and immediately report to the team leader if a defect is found;

ensuring correct completion of the answer sheet;

writing and signing the last name, first name, patronymic in the appropriate place indicated on the cover of the book of test tasks and the answer sheet;

Correctly copy and sign the answer sheet number in the appropriate place on the applicant’s permission and title page;

Correctly copy and write the special code indicated on the title page and the educational institution code in the place indicated on the answer sheet and fill in the corresponding circles.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the applicant is personally responsible for:

filling out the answer sheet with an airy colored paste ballpoint pen;

do not fold the answer sheet, do not write on the marker line, do not paint over the circles located under the number of the answer sheet;

since the answer sheet is the main document that determines the level of knowledge, its correct completion;

color the corresponding circles of the answer sheet in the corresponding serial number, completing the existing test tasks in the book of test tasks before the specified time expires, and hand over the book of test tasks and the corresponding answer sheet to the group leader.

Test tasks are compiled in accordance with the curriculum of general education subjects of secondary and secondary special and vocational education. Applicants take a test in one, two or three sets of subjects, respectively, depending on their chosen field of study. Each subject available in the test book contains 30 test questions. To complete test tasks (including filling out the answer sheet) 1 hour is allocated for 30 test tasks, 2 hours for 60 test tasks, 3 hours for 90 test tasks. For each test task, 4 alternative answers are given (“A”, “B”, “C”, “d”). Only one answer to each test item must be marked by the applicant, and answers considered correct in the test book are colored in one of the corresponding number circles on the answer sheet (answers drawn on the answer sheet cannot be changed). If the rule “sample for marking” is not followed in the answer sheet, including in the answer sheet for one test task, if the corresponding circle is not filled in or two or more circles are filled in or not filled in completely, no point is awarded for this test task. An applicant is prohibited from leaving the group while taking tests; dropped out applicants are not allowed to take repeated tests. The exception is when leaving the supervised group without control materials in cases of adverse health effects.

In the following cases, the applicant will be excluded from the testing process and will have grounds that his results will not be published:

calculator, dictionary, table, book, mobile phone, computer, telecommunication devices and other tools when entering the area or building where testing will be conducted, if they tried, brought or used them during testing;

transfers test materials to another applicant or helps them;

takes test materials out of the building, tears up a sheet of the test book, refuses to hand over test materials after the time allotted for testing has expired;

if an applicant fails to comply with procedures and rules through video surveillance during the testing process.

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