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Representatives of TDTU AF on a tour of Uzmetkombinat JSC


In recent years, the republic has been carrying out large-scale reforms in all areas, including the education system. As a result of the introduction of traditional and modern methods of teaching the younger generation, keeping up with the times is the requirement of the time.

The need for the creation and implementation of interactive pedagogical and practical approaches and innovative focused activities based on them is growing more than ever. Therefore, a number of events are being carried out in the education system aimed at increasing the interest of young people in science and economic sectors in accordance with the latest international experience.

The team of the Almalyk branch of the Tashkent State Technical University is carrying out a number of practical works to implement reforms in the education system to radically improve the quality of training of qualified personnel.

It should be noted that the “master-student” school is one of the branch’s projects on the path to the development of scientific and innovative work. In order to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of talented youth, meetings with specialists and veterans of industrial enterprises and excursions to industrial enterprises are organized.

An excursion was organized for representatives of the Almalyk branch of TSTU to the production enterprises of Uzmetkombinat JSC. Young scientific candidates, doctoral students and students of the Department of Metallurgy took part in this excursion and visited the metallurgist “in the place”. It is worth noting that Uzmetkombinat JSC is an industry that represents the republic in the foreign economy in the field of ferrous metallurgy. The company, which has now entered the world market with a number of products, this year celebrated the 80th anniversary of its founding.

At the beginning of the visit, an excursion to the museum of the joint-stock company “Uzmetkombinat” is organized. Then the company’s specialists explained instructions on how to comply with technical safety rules on the territory of the enterprise.

At the Uzmetkombinat JSC plant they got acquainted with high-tech devices and equipment. Students saw that the practical application of theoretical knowledge and metallurgical processes performed in laboratories differs from production technologies. They received detailed information about high-power metallurgical machines, shared their theoretical knowledge with specialists and received additional information about the progress of certain process steps.

The field trip made a great impression on metallurgical students and young scientific researchers. Conversations were held with enterprise specialists, and students shared questions that interested them. By comparing the knowledge obtained in theory in the real state, they obtained information about furnaces operating at high temperatures.

Doctoral students and independent researchers were interested in the production problems of the plant, various man-made wastes generated in production, and their composition. We reached an agreement to conduct scientific research in cooperation.

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