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Students competed

osh b lsin

🔷In the hostel No. 1 of the Faculty of Energy and Mechanical Engineering of the Almalyk branch of TSTU, competitions “Osh Bulsin” and “Secrets of Cooking Delicious Dishes” were held.

🔷3 groups took part in this competition and tested their culinary skills. In particular, students of the 13-22 EEE group took 3rd place by preparing a dimlama dish.

🔷And students from groups 14-22 who prepared pilaf, the national dish, were recognized as worthy of 2nd place. And students of the 15-23 group, who skillfully prepared a cauldron of kebab, took an honorable 1st place.

🔷All winning teams were awarded diplomas and memorable gifts by the faculty leadership. At the end of the competition, talented students performed songs and dances.

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