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The “Zukko metallurglar” competition took place

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🔷On the initiative of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Chemical Technologies of the Faculty of Metallurgy of the TSTU, the competition “Zukko metallurglar” was organized among teams of gifted 3rd-year students studying in the field of metallurgy.

🔷In the competition “Mechanical machines of metallurgical plants” 4 groups of 8 participants each competed. The groups “Zukko metallurglar”, “Specialist”, “Engineers”, “Partizans” provided information about technological processes through 3D visualization of metallurgical furnaces, metallurgical machines and the technology of their operation, general metallurgical direction, design of modern metallurgical machines. During the competition, students tried to fully demonstrate their knowledge in a special subject. Thanks to collective solidarity and strong knowledge, the Zucco Metallurglar team achieved high scores.

🔷Competitions held in areas of special disciplines are, of course, of great importance for in-depth study of science by students and their development as leading specialists. The competition, organized under the leadership of the Metallurgy Department, gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their acquired knowledge.

🔷The winner of the “Zukko metallurglar” competition was awarded a knowledge cup. All groups were awarded valuable gifts from the faculty leadership.

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