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Week of Languages ​​is held

In honor of the holiday “Day of the Uzbek Language”, from October 16 to 21, the “WEEK OF LANGUAGES” is held at the Faculty of Mining of the Almalyk branch of TSTU on the initiative of the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature.

📍October 16 – Uzbek Language Day, dictation competition “The Most Competent”, competition “Beautiful Spelling” at 11.00 o’clock Faculty of the State Duma, room-104

📍October 17 – Russian Language Day

📍October 18 – English Language Day

📍October 20 – “ «Эзгу ўйни эзгу сўзга кўчирган тилим!» ” event

📍October 21 – trip to Tashkent to the Writers’ Alley, Abdullah Kadiri House-Museum

💥We invite everyone to take an active part in the events!

❗️For more information, please contact the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature:

☎️+99890 174 1778

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