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Carwin competition among students

Carwin competition among students

In the student dormitory No. 1 of the Faculty of Energy and Mechanical Engineering of the Almalyk branch of TSTU, a competition of autumn fruit decorations was organized using the carving art method – carvin.

In a competition held among students, each participant tested their skills. In particular, according to the results of the competition, the following were ranked:
1-place – Zarnigor Furkatova (TMO student of 10-22 groups) and Zikrillo Otaev (EEE student of 13-22 groups);
2nd place was taken by Sukhrob Makhmudov (student of group 7a-23 MT) and Khikmatoy Ochilova (student of group 7b-23 MT).

The karvina competition was followed by songs and dances performed by the students.

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