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“Graduate 2024” press conference


On the eve of the end of the current academic year, a press conference of the branch management with the directors of 24 secondary schools in our city on the topic “Graduate 2024” was held at the Almalyk branch of TSTU.

At the press conference, the director of the branch, A. Samadov, informed in detail about the activities of the branch, as well as the ongoing work on cooperation with schools located in the city of Almalyk and surrounding areas. Deputy Director for Academic Affairs O. Abdiev spoke about the directions and forms of education, admission quotas for the last and planned new academic year, about the conditions created for education, First Deputy Director for Youth Affairs and Spiritual Educational Work B. Dzhamiev spoke in detail about the ongoing in the branch for spiritual and educational work.

During the conference, the branch management and school directors exchanged views on educational reforms and solutions to existing problems.

After this, the school director was introduced to the educational and scientific laboratories of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Chemical Technology. Information was provided about new modern laboratory equipment.

During the press conference, it was noted that the further development of the integration of higher education and secondary schools is the main requirement that the state sets for the education system; it is necessary that all parts of the system work harmoniously in the effective implementation of educational reforms.

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