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May the world be filled with light with you, Navruz!


Navruz is a holiday of peace, harmony and prosperity. This holiday is not just a holiday, it embodies the history, philosophy, values ​​of our people, grows with the nation, develops with the nation.

The multinational holiday of Navruz embodies universal human values ​​that encourage the people of the universe to mutual harmony, friendship and agreement. This holiday, which incorporated universal human values, was widely celebrated in the city of Almalyk.

At the festive event under the motto “May the world be filled with light with you, Navruz!” information about our great ancestors was presented, as well as exhibitions reflecting the national values ​​and traditions of the regions of our country.

In particular, the Almalyk branch of TSTU took part in the festive event with exhibitions, laboratory work, as well as national songs and dances of talented students

Melody songs performed by gifted students gave the participants a festive mood.

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