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Project “Islohotlarga dahldorman” in action

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The Almalyk branch of TSTU hosted an event organized by the Ministry of Justice together with the Tashkent State Law University based on the “Islokhotlarga dakhldorman” project. The purpose of this project is to explain to young people the essence of the reforms being carried out in the country, to carry out propaganda work among students, and to increase the legal literacy of citizens.

The campaign event at the Faculty of Mining was attended by the chief legal adviser of the Department of Justice of the city of Almalyk A. Aralov and the teacher of the department of international law and human rights of the Tashkent State Law University A. Alizhanov and student volunteers Z. Avduvalieva, M. Umbarov, Sh. Eshboev, T .Mamadaliev, S.Muminova. They conducted a training seminar on the legal aspects of the reforms being carried out in the country.

During the seminar, a legal quiz was organized with students, active students were awarded with memorable gifts.

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