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“Spirituality must become a new force, a new movement in our lives”

deputat uchrashuv

🔷The head of state, speaking at an extended meeting of the Republican Council on Spirituality and Education, noted the priority of science, education and upbringing for the development of society and spirituality: “At present, when our country is entering a new stage of its development, we need mature personnel brought up in the spirit national values.”

🔷The essence of the speech of the head of state was studied by the team of the Almalyk branch of TSTU. At the event, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences O. Rakhmatullaev presented to the team a presentation on the topic “Spirituality should become a new force, a new movement in our lives.”

🔷Deputy of the Almalyk City Council of People’s Deputies E. Abduraimov, head of the city branch of the Republican Center for Spirituality and Education S. Yakupbekova in their speeches spoke about the content of the priority tasks set at the meeting.

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