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Studying the pages of history…

October 21 – on the occasion of the Uzbek language holiday, on the initiative of the Mining Faculty of the Almalyk branch of TSTU, a trip was organized to the Alley of Poets in Tashkent, the House-Museum of Gafur Gulom, Abdulla Kadiri, Oybek and to the Shahidlar Khotirasi Square.

During the excursion, which started from the Alley of Poets, students examined monuments to the best creators of Uzbek literature, as well as an event dedicated to the 34th anniversary of the Uzbek language being given the status of a state language, organized by the Union of Writers.

The next destination was the house-museum of G. Gulam. Here, the head of the department of Uzbek language and literature, Doctor of Philosophy in Philological Sciences (PhD) Vazira Akhmedova told students in detail about the museum exhibits depicting the life and work of G. Gulam.

During a trip to the house-museum of A. Kadiri, the writer’s grandson Khondamir Kadiri told students about the history of the museum and vivid memories from his life.

Shahidlar Khotirasi Square, dedicated to the memory of compatriots who gave their lives in the fight for the freedom of our country – Abdullah Kadiri, Abdurauf Fitrat, Abdulhamid Cholpon and other great fighters, became the last point of the journey. Students received detailed information about this architectural monument, telling about the great past of our great-grandfathers.

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