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Team AB TSTU “Justice Femidis” won

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🔷Today, at the Information and Library Center of the city of Almalyk, a competition was held on the topic “The Constitution is the basis for the prosperity of society” between teams of students “Justice Femidis” of the Almalyk branch of the Islam Karimov TSTU and the “Adolat” team of the Silk Road Innovation University.

🔷Through 3 conditions – introduction, questions and answers and puzzles, students developed their knowledge about the Constitution.

🔷In particular, the “Justice Themidis” team consisting of Mardonbek Nuralibekov, Ominakhan Khusniddinova, Diyora Sherbutaeva, Zulfikor Davlatbekov, Abdurashid Omonullaev and Samandar Tursunov from the Almalyk branch of TSTU actively participated in all stages of the competition and scored the highest score.

🔷The participating teams were awarded letters of gratitude and books from the director of the Almalyk City Information and Library Center, and the “Justice Femidis” team of the AB TSTU, which was able to demonstrate knowledge of the essence of the Constitution, received special recognition.

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