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Training seminar for tutors

At the educational seminar organized with tutors of the Almalyk branch of TSTU on the topic “The role of tutors in the systematic establishment of work of spiritual and educational orientation”, the consultant of the director for ensuring the stability of the socio-spiritual environment among students M. Niyazov and the first deputy director for work with youth took part , spiritual and educational work B. Dzhamiev.

A tutor teaches a student to show their potential in the learning process, to better realize themselves, to make the right decisions and choices in their studies and life. The tutor helps the student understand the consequences of every step and action, and find his interests in life.

A good tutor is a mentor and a skillful consultant in relation to the student. It teaches you to identify strengths, reserve abilities and work on their shortcomings. During the training seminar, the necessary recommendations on these topics were given.

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