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TSTU AF team at the Mukimi Theater

muzej 4

🔷In the 20s of the last century, three state music and drama theaters operated in Tashkent. The Uzbek State Musical Theater was founded on July 14, 1939 under the name of the Republican Uzbek Theater of Musical Comedy, and the first production was “The Tricks of Maysary”. On November 11, 1940, the theater was transformed into the Republican Uzbek Theater of Musical Drama and Comedy named after Mukimi.

🔷The story written in short lines of the State Musical Theater of Uzbekistan named after Mukimi is the basis of the national theater of the republic.

🔷The team of the Almalyk branch of TSTU watched many productions of this theater. The other day, a group of branch team members went to another theatrical performance. The idea put forward in the play “Asl Khazina” is how to become a real person, the acquisition of wealth without honest work is condemned.

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