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Visit to the director of the student dormitory branch

yoto honada

馃敺The management and responsible employees of the Almalyk branch of TSTU regularly study the living conditions of students living in student dormitories and rented apartments.

馃敺Yesterday, the director of the branch A.U. Samadov, the first deputy director for youth affairs and spiritual and educational work B.A. Dzhamiev, the chairman of the trade union N.I. Nosirov visited the student dormitory of the Faculty of Energy and Mechanical Engineering in Akhangaran. They got acquainted with the operation of utility systems in the dormitory during a sharp drop in temperature and how the evening free time of students is organized.

馃敺The leaders of the branch studied the activities of students in their free time in the evening, the process of preparing for classes, the situation in the dining room and kitchen, and also had a conversation with young people.

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